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NEWS: Our spaceship will take off towards the United Kingdom (see shows), promoting our upcoming EP "COSMIC CARNAGE". Realease party is on 30th of march in the Schaubude, Kiel. There are two songs to listen to right now, simply check our YOUTUBE channel!

MERCH! Our mailorder is open, you'll get everything the ambitious space traveler needs: shirts, pullovers and also you can pre-order our new EP COSMIC CARNAGE, simply click here!

Praise the arrival of the Mutant Reavers!

These intergalactic outlaws play Horror Punk with a bite of Metal. Inspired by all kinds of horror, they tell tales of the dark side of life, B-movie stuff and alligators. Oli Wonka and Necrola Nic formed this alliance of terrifying evil in late 2014 and rose from the wasteland swamps of Kiel. In the following months, they recorded their 4-track debut "First Blood" and found their gruesome guitarist Doom Van Dan. Finally Dr. Mo joined the crew to slay on the drums. Beware ... it's shadow time!

Mutant Reavers are:

Oli Wonka: Vocals (The Pony Hellride Experience)
Necrola: Bassguitar (Ex-Chaosane, Ex-Vanity Ruins)
Doom van Dan: Guitars (Divide, Ex-Injection)
Dr. Mo: Drums, FX (Divide, Ex-Rezet)




Recently, in a galaxy not as distant as you'd think...
It all started out with a duo comprised of Necrola Nic (bass) and Oli Wonka (vocals), who met in a space bar orbiting one of the abandoned moons in the Betelgeuse system. They wrote all the music and lyrics. Once the EP ?First Blood? was finished, Doom Van Dan (guitars) and Dr. Mo (drums) joined the group (smelling space cash and free booze, of course), enabling the "Mutant Reavers" to tackle live performances in different parts of the galaxy. The name ?Mutant Reavers? is mostly a reference to the savage, animalistic race called Reavers from the TV series Firefly. Imagine those, only five times more bloodthirsty, and you'll get an idea of how dangerous the MR are! Even though they?re from an abandoned region near Betelgeuse, it were earth?s 80s horror films and punk music that had a big influence on their music and lyrics (due to the delay of radio signals travelling through open space, most of this 80s stuff just recently reached their homeworld). The line of command on their rickety space cog is as follows: Necrola and Oli write most of the music and lyrics, while Doom Van Dan and Dr. Mo are hanging out at spacebars, trying to get hired for regular Reaver jobs (looting/killing/gambling/drinking). During long hours of space-travel from Betelgeuse to unknown solar systems in order to play poorly paid shows for creepy alien races, the music and lyrics are then joined by the genius ideas of Doom and Dr. Mo. Playing live is an essential aspect of the Reavers' routine, and it is one of the main reasons they're making music. Being shunned by most audiences due to their mutations though, they play each show in hopes of free beer. It is also rumored that their backstage rider always lists a "plate of fresh human pancreas" for dinner... Spooky!

Upcoming Shows

08.10.2016 FULL METAL SHIP, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg mit Eisenvater
24.09.2016 Juki42, Ahrensburg


28.05.2016 06.04.2016 Bar227, Hamburg
05.04.2016 Le Barabao, Bailleul (FR)
03.04.2016 The Dolls House, Abertillery (UK)
02.04.2016 Crowleys Rock Bar, Swansea (UK)
01.04.2016 Carlisle Rock Pub, Hastings (UK)
31.03.2016 Le Midland, Lille (FR)
30.03.2016 COSMIC CARNAGE EP Release, Schaubude Kiel
05.03.2016 Der Hafen Rockt, Speicher Husum


05.12.2015 VEB Lübeck mit CLEANBOYS (DK)
21.11.2015 Villa Wedel mit 'Der Unfug und sein Kind' und CopSteinPflaster
31.10.2015 Das kleine Horrorfestival, Kulturnetz Schleswig, mit Dieter Jackson, The Panty Meltdown Aftermath
23.10.2015 Tattoosensation, Eventhalle Rantrum
06.09.2015 Die Pumpe Kiel, Support für THE VINTAGE CARAVAN
10.07.2015 Schaubude Kiel, Support für REZUREX


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